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I get down and dirty (literally) with DiRT using my new X360 PC gamepad
Published on April 24, 2008 By Phazon88 In PC Gaming

I've never been one for serious racing games. I guess its mainly because its hard to enjoy them using a keyboard on a PC, and the console systems I own are all Nintendo which means I don't really have a chance to play them there either.

Then for some reason I had the desire to try and play some more racing games. Starting with Trackmania Nations Forever, I soon desired to try something a little more realistic. Soon after purchasing my X360 wireless controller for windows (since I had some experience using it in the past playing at a mate's place and knew it was a solid decent controller) I decided to download the demo of DiRT to try it out the controller in a more realistic racing environment. The results lead to me purchasing the retail game as it was a fantastic experience.

DiRT is an off-road racing game by Codemasters. It basically features almost all forms of popular off-road racing involving 4 wheels, and does a damn good job at representing them. All this is rendered in high-resolution glory with plenty of sharp models and textures, high quality lighting and shadow effects along with a very complicated damage system that is on par with the Burnout series.

Couple this with the very solid X360 controller and you get a fun racing experience (taking into account how much money and space is saved over using a wheel + pedals).

Check out a short video I made recording a fun (and close) race I had only moments ago. It shows off the visuals pretty well, as well as gameplay itself (from a 3rd-person TV-esque perspective from the replay mode). You can find the video here:

on Apr 30, 2008
Fun game, but it's a shame about the shitty copy protection system and it not having proper MP.
on May 05, 2008

Copy protection being ... Starforce? While I don't like copy protection in general I can't say I've had any issues with Starforce as much as the other protection methods out there. They are all equally annoying (especially when you have / play as wide a variety of games as I like to).

As for the multiplayer I couldn't really care much about that. I just bought it for the SP and for quick romps around the tracks. The AI is pretty decent so that helps too.